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´╗┐Coronavirus - Covid-19 Volunteer response, Wolverton

There has been a wonderful response to our request for volunteers who would be able to offer help collecting/delivering items - thank you very much.

1.  Swan Street stores. If you ring them up to place an order you may be directed  to Miranda Walsh who lives in Wolverton.  Miranda has set up a What’s App called ‘Feeding the Elderly in Wolverton’’. Ongoing, to place an order text “please contact Miranda on What’s App 07730 981848”. If you don’t do texting, call Miranda on the foregoing mobile number.   Sadly, the Stores are not able to take payment by card over the phone so payment will be any other means you agree with Miranda.
Deliveries will be left on the door step to minimise potential infection.

We have 18 volunteer drivers who can either, act as a back up to Miranda, or take on some other missions.   For all other services, please call/email me with your request and I will arrange transport.  I will try to ensure transport is shared as much as possible between the volunteers.  If there is a payment to be made then you should set up an arrangement with the provider if possible.  All deliveries will be left as described above.

The George and Dragon is offering to provide meals. I await their priced menu.

Samantha Walker has offered to walk dogs for those unable to get out and to transport pets to vets for which she has fully comprehensive insurance cover. Please arrange through me for the time being.

I am attempting to set up home deliveries of fresh fish direct from Devon. The company is awaiting clarification regarding the latest Regulations on “essential services” and how it effects them.

A local resident has kindly offered a home delivery service from a butcher in Thatcham. Could they please forward to me your priced listing so I can circulate it. 

It is hoped to extend this service to cover other local areas over the weekend which will include Ashford Hill, Knowl Hill and Knowl Hill Lane.

Mike Coe 


01635 298038


Coronavirus - Covid 19
PLEASE NOTE:  Our play areas (Long Grove, Wolverton field and Pineapple playing field) are closed from today, 26 March 2020, in line with Government guidance.  Thank you for your understanding.



Baughurst Parish Council has decided, in line with Government recommendations, to cancel its forthcoming meetings on 6 and 23 April 2020.  The next proposed meeting will be held on Thursday 14 May 2020, but this may well be cancelled in the wake of the current crisis.

Baughurst Parish Council are partners in the Hampshire County Council and Basingstoke Council emergency plan which has been activated 

If you are self isolating and  need  support or prepared to help others please contact Penny Waterfield, Clerk to the Council, on 0118 9981 2944. 

Baughurst Parish Council will be linking the vulnerable and volunteers and supporting  the many community action groups within this area.   One of these is a Facebook group - Tadley, Baughurst and Pamber  Heath Community Coronavirus Response, who have an extensive network set up to identify those in need and who need help.





Planning to 18/3/20


Baughurst CP
Address Springfields Baughurst Road Baughurst RG26 5LL
Description Erection of 2no. dwellings with associated parking and access
Status Registered
Received Date 05 Mar 2020
Updated Date
Validated Date 13 Mar 2020
Order By Date 13 Mar 2020
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Baughurst CP
Address Land At Rear Of Pine Lodge Wolverton Road Wolverton Common Hampshire
Description Change of use of woodland at the rear of Pine Lodge to additional garden land
Status Decided
Decision Application Withdrawn
Received Date 16 Jan 2020
Updated Date 12 Mar 2020
Validated Date 23 Jan 2020
Order By Date 12 Mar 2020


Baughurst CP
Address West View Farm Baughurst Road Baughurst RG26 5LL
Description Erection of 1 no. dwelling and associated parking
Status Registered
Received Date 02 Mar 2020
Updated Date
Validated Date 11 Mar 2020
Order By Date 11 Mar 2020


Baughurst CP
Address Lyncroft Wolverton Road Baughurst Tadley Hampshire RG26 5JT
Description Replacement of flat roof with pitched roof
Status Registered
Received Date 26 Feb 2020
Updated Date
Validated Date 09 Mar 2020
Order By Date 09 Mar 2020


Baughurst CP
Address Land North East Of Wildermere Haughurst Hill Baughurst Hampshire
Description Application for Permission in Principle for residential development of 1 no. dwelling
Status Registered
Received Date 04 Mar 2020
Updated Date
Validated Date 04 Mar 2020
Order By Date 04 Mar 2020


Baughurst CP
Address Gibbys Farm Browninghill Browninghill Green Baughurst RG26 5JZ
Description The erection of 1 no. dwelling and associated parking
Status Registered
Received Date 02 Mar 2020
Updated Date
Validated Date 02 Mar 2020
Order By Date 02 Mar 2020


Baughurst CP
Address 11 Heathrow Copse Baughurst Tadley Hampshire RG26 5JG
Description T1 4 Silver birch fell. T2,T3,T4 Oak: crown lift.
Status Registered
Received Date 02 Mar 2020
Updated Date
Validated Date 02 Mar 2020
Order By Date 02 Mar 2020


Baughurst CP
Address 10 Pinewood Close Baughurst Tadley Hampshire RG26 5NR
Description Erection of two storey side extension with existing single storey rear addition to remain
Status Decided
Decision Granted
Received Date 23 Dec 2019
Updated Date 29 Feb 2020
Validated Date 23 Dec 2019
Order By Date 29 Feb 2020

Speedwatch volunteers
Community Speedwatch - we are currently seeking more volunteers to ensure that we have full coverage of Baughurst roads. If you would like to help with this very worthy enterprise, where traffic speeds are recorded and relayed to the Police, please do contact us. Your involvement can be as much or as little as you wish. Please contact the Clerk if you are interested.