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Community Emergency Plan

Community Emergency Plan

Parish: Baughurst                           Borough: Basingstoke and Deane

Co-ordinator: Parish Clerk              Effective date: 01/11/14

Distribution List

1.         County Emergency Planning Officer
2.         Borough Emergency Planning Liaison Officer
3.         Parish Councillors
4.         Tadley Police Station
5.         Tadley Fire Station
6.         AWE
7.         Tadley Town Council
8.         Pamber Heath Parish Council
9.         Aldermaston Parish Council
10.       Brimpton Parish Council 
11.       Ashford Hill and Headley Parish Council
12.       Tadley & District Community Centre
13.       Hurst Leisure Centre
14.       Library
15.       Swimming Pool
16.       Holmwood & Morland Health Centres
17.       First Responders Aim and Objectives

Aim of the plan:

To enable community support, self-help and resilience when faced with an emergency situation. 

Objectives of the plan:

Conduct a risk assessment, identify hazards and possible mitigation

Identify vulnerable groups within the community

Identify key contacts

Identify a community emergency management team

Identify resources available to the community in the event of an emergency


Risk Assessment Analysis

Risk Matrix Score:           A = HIGH Likelihood and HIGH Impact

B = LOW Likelihood and HIGH Impact

C = HIGH Likelihood and LOW Impact

D = LOW Likelihood and LOW Impact



Mitigation in Place

Mitigation possible

Risk Matrix Score


  • Loss of access
  • Loss of utilities
  • Water damage
  • Monitor flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency
  • Sandbags stored at Rowan Road
  • Monitoring equipment installed at Bishopswood Stream
  • Identify any residents that require shelter
  • Police traffic diversions in place
  • Emergency rest centre activated
  • Residents install floodgates
  • Residents store sandbags


Total or partial loss of gas, electricity, water or telephone

  • Loss of heating and or cooking facilities
  • Loss of lighting
  • Loss of sanitary facilities
  • Loss of communication
  • Notify utility provider

  • Identify any residents that require rest centre
  • Emergency rest centre activated


Severe weather

  • Fallen trees
  • HCC unable to clear roads
  • Building damage
  • Identify roads that need immediate clearance
  • Identify dangerous trees

  • Identify any residents that require shelter
  • Emergency rest centre activated
  • Enlist volunteers/maintenance contractor with chainsaws or tractors with chains


Major fire

  • Building damage
  • Threat to life

  • Evacuate area
  • Emergency rest centre activated


Heavy snow

  • Access in and out and within the town difficult
  • Loss of utilities
  • Care providers unable to meet their commitments
  • Disruption for pedestrians and possible physical injury

  • Monitor weather warnings issued by the Met Office
  • Ensure all grit bins are full

  • Contact care providers to ensure they can meet their commitments
  • Contact neighbourhood watch coordinators so they can check on vulnerable people in the area
  • Contact Hampshire & Berkshire 4*4 Responders
  • Emergency rest centre activated


Major road accident

  • Many injured people
  • Emergency services require assistance

  • Contact  First Aiders, Padres, St Johns Ambulance, Community Responders, AWE emergency services


Gas leak or explosion

  • Building damage
  • Threat to life

  • Evacuate area
  • Emergency rest centre activated


Terrorism or violence

  • Building damage
  • Threat to life
  • Many injured people
  • Emergency services require assistance

  • Evacuate area
  • Emergency rest centre activated
  • Contact First Aiders, Padres, St Johns Ambulance, Community Responders, AWE emergency services


Aircraft accident

  • Building damage
  • Threat to life
  • Many injured people
  • Emergency services require assistance

  • Evacuate area
  • Emergency rest centre activated
  • Contact First Aiders, Padres, St Johns Ambulance, Community Responders, AWE emergency services


Hazardous vapour

  • Threat to life

  • Evacuation area downwind


Incident at AWE

  • Threat to life
  • AWE emergency plan in place


Community Resources

Contact Details:

Emergency Rest Centres


Key Holder

Contact No

Heath End Hall, Baughurst

Sarah Filsell

Ann Jeffery

Janette Hewitt


0118 981 6731

0118 981 4858

Wolverton Village Hall

Mrs Langley

01635 297125

Hurst Leisure Centre

Lee Beetham


Medical / First Aid

In the event of injury or illness within the community the assistance of professional medical support should be sought  e.g. Ambulance, Doctor, Paramedic, First Responder, Qualified First Aiders. List details of the medical support available in your area. 


Contact No

Holmwood Health Centre

0118 9814166

Morland Surgery

0118 9816661



St John Ambulance

01962 863366

Basingstoke Hospital

01256 473202

Holmwood Pharmacy

0118 9811984

Morland Pharmacy

0118 9820157


The following local transport businesses can be called upon to transport people, essential equipment or provisions in the event of an Emergency.

Buses / Taxis / 4x4s/ Tractors


Contact Details



Note that the Parish Council cannot provide any insurance cover for vehicles it requests to be used.  Vehicles are used at the owners’ own risk and discretion and should be taxed and insured. 

Vulnerable Groups in the Community 

Name of Group


Special needs

Miss Polly's Kindergarten, Hurst Community College

Brimpton Road

Young children

The Children's House

Wolverton Road

Young children

Little Stars Pre School

Heath End Hall

Young children

Heath Court

Heath End Road


Choice Ltd

Fairview, Pinks Lane

Adults with learning difficulties

Additional Community Resources 



Contact No.

Tadley Town Council

Nicki Barry

0118 981 3360

Pamber Parish Council

Leonie Browne

07920 787170

Aldermaston Parish Council

Bill Scott

0118 9813441

Ashford Hill and Headley Parish Council

Steven Marshall


Brimpton Parish Council

Brenda Harding

0118 971 2850


Communication System

Contact / Responsibility


Notice Boards:  Wolverton Hall, Wolverton Common, The Wellington Arms, Baughurst Road, Heath End Hall, Post Office, Baughurst Common

Parish Clerk

Parish Council Meeting

Parish Clerk

Council Newsletter

Parish Clerk

Cascade phone system

Parish Clerk


Email / Website



Local media

See Contact list below:

Basingstoke Gazette 01256  337444

Newbury Weekly News 01635  886632

Tadley Roundabout

0118 981 3046 

admin@tadleyroundabout.co.uk This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it www.tadleyroundabout.co.uk/

Emergency Action Check List

Activation and Call out

  • Dial 999 if Life or Property are threatened in your community by an incident or emergency

  • Contact  Borough Council (see contact sheet)


  • Use the suggested log sheet at the back of the plan to record:
  • Any decisions you have made
  • Who you spoke to and what you said


  • Contact other members of the Community that need to be alerted:
  • Those specifically under threat
  • The Parish Council via the Parish Clerk
  • Volunteers and key holders that may be needed


Contact initially may be to inform them of the emergency or inform them of current Emergency Service advice regarding any action to be taken.

Community Emergency Meeting

  • Is a Community Emergency Meeting necessary?
  • Is the venue safe to hold the meeting and can people get there safely?
  • Has the Borough Council been informed you are holding a Community Emergency Meeting?
  • Has the community been informed there will be a meeting?
  • Take a copy of the first Agenda to the meeting.

Under no circumstance should you put yourself or others at risk to fulfil these tasks


Service / Role

Telephone Number


Emergency Services



Emergency Co-ordinator

0118 981 2944


Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council

01256 844844


Hampshire County Council

0300 555 1375


Emergency Planning Unit HCC

01962 846846

07957 932584


Police HQ



Fire Service HQ

02380 644000


Environment Agency



EA Floodline



Hampshire Highways

0845 8504422


Thames Water

0800 714614

0845 9200 800


Sewer flooding/loss of supply


08000 727282


0800 111999


0118 9814111


Parish Clerk

0118 981 2944


St Stephen’s Church

0118 981 3528

Churchwarden:  Mr L Hensman

St Catherine’s Church

0118 981 1364

Churchwarden:  Mr S de Boinville

Salvation Army

0118 9815013

Burnham Copse School

0118 9814498

Headteacher:  Mrs A Armstrong

Hurst Community College

0118 9817474

Headteacher:  Mr M Christian

Kestrel Radio

01256 694000

Newbury Weekly News

01635 564526

Basingstoke Observer

01256 694127

BBC Radio Berkshire

0118 9464200

Basingstoke Gazette

01256 337444

BBC South Today

023 80226201

ITV Meridian

0844 881 2000

Log Sheet



Information / Decisions / Actions