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War MemorialWar Memorial

War Memorial, November 2007The War Memorial is located at the corner of Brimpton, Wolverton and Baughurst Roads.

A Remembrance Service is held there each year.

The Parish Council is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the memorial.


PoppiesTo the Glory of God 1914-1918 Great War Roll of Honour

Heath End

Albert G Appleton; Frederick G Appleton; Walter J Cripps; John B Greenup; Merrick H McConnell; William J Monger; Leonard J Rampton; Ernest Sandford; Tom Taylor; George Warren; Frederick J Webb


Francis B Abbott; William S Bennett; George E Jacob; Robert Jacob; Alexander G Kelly; Sidney M Kelly; Frank Kernutt; William Kernutt; Harry Lawes; William Richardson; Charles Powell; Frederick Smith

1939 - 1945 Second World War

Norman Addison Bramwell; Cyril Butler; Garfield Roy Hill; Jarvis Julian Kenrick; Brian Ferguson Leadbitter; Stanley Smith

Let us see to it that their names be not forgotten.  They gave up their lives that others might live in freedom.  At the call of King and country these men endured hardness and danger.