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Bus Shelters and Benches

The Parish Council maintains five perspex and one wood and brick bus shelter. 

Lattice House, formerly 'Kent's Bus Depot' has the largest single-span wooden roof in Western Europe!

Baughurst Parish Council Bus Shelters and Benches

Benches in Baughurst

Location Description

By wooden bus shelter, Heath End Road

Dedicated to Henry Shatford, ex Parish Councillor, by his fellow workmates at J Stacey, with a certain amount designated to repair it as necessary. Brian Appleton of Bishopswood Lane repaired it on many occasions, but eventually it became too expensive to repair, and the Stacey fund ran out of money. The seat was eventually relocated to Wolverton playing field as a shadow of its former self, as Mr Shatford had lived in Holt Lane for many years. The current seat is a modern replacement.

On land at junction of Heath End Road and Woodlands Road

Purchased in 2018 by the Parish Council to commemorate those fallen in the 1914-1918 World War 1.

The Withies

With an inscription reading ‘sit here and reflect on your memories of Baughurst’, it was bought by the Parish Council to commemorate the successful launch of ‘Memories of Baughurst’, collated and written by Cllr Stan Terrett, our local historian, approximately 2007.

On corner opposite St Catherine’s church, Wolverton

The land on which it sits is held under licence by the Parish Council, although owned by Hampshire County Council. The seat has no history, other than as functional use.

At the end of Pinewood

Parish Council bought the seat at the suggestion of Cllr Terrett, as a calm oasis in an alley of pine trees.

Long Grove play area

A couple of new benches were installed in 2022..