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Ward Information

The Parish is divided into three Wards: 

  • Baughurst
  • Wolverton
  • Baughurst Common

The Borough Councillors for Baughurst and North Tadley are:

  1. Kerry Morrow, 43 Franklin Avenue, Tadley RG26 4EY       07422 651172
  2. Ken Rhatigan, 11 Hollycroft, Ashford Hill, RG19 8BU  07850 530319
  3. Stuart Frost,  C/O Conservative Group Room - Civic Offices, London Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 4AH           07961 265719

There is one County Councillor and 11 Parish Councillors representing the three wards.

Baughurst Parish is in the County of Hampshire and includes the hamlet of Wolverton, the Parish is located in the middle of a triangle between Basingstoke, Newbury and Reading.

What is a Parish Council?

The Council is the lowest tier of local government but is at the grassroots of the community. The Council normally consists of 11 voluntary Councillors (currently there are vacancies) who are elected for a four-year term of office to serve and administer to the needs of the residents of Baughurst Parish.  In the event of mid-term vacancy occurring a new member is elected or co-opted until the next full election. The Parish Councillors determine and set policy to cater for the social, cultural, welfare and environmental needs of our residents and employ a part-time Clerk to the Council to implement policy decisions.

All Councillors adhere to the Parish Council Code of Conduct and complete a Register of Interests. The Councillors have formed into sub-councils to concentrate on in-depth concerns in the local community. The committees are listed here.

  • General Purposes
  • Footpaths
  • Playing Fields and Open Spaces 

Interested in becoming a Parish Councillor?

Why not attend as a member of the public for a few meetings and if this encourages you to get involved, perhaps speak with an existing Councillor or the Parish Council Clerk who can provide more information about Parish Council elections and mid-term vacancies? 

When does the Parish Council meet?

The Parish Council meets on the 4th Thursday of each month, with the exception of August and December. The meetings are held either in the Heath End Village Hall or Wolverton Village Hall.  Primarily most meetings are held in Heath End  hall ,except those in the summer months, where the meetings is held at Wolverton Village Hall.

The meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to listen to the proceeding. The visiting public is not entitled to participate in the business of the meeting, without the invitation of the Chairman.   The public may speak in the agenda item 'Open Forum', which generally occurs twice, each for 10 minutes, within the meeting.